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A Woman Tries To Kill Ford
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Woman Tries To Kill Ford

Daily Mail 29th September 1975

SHOTS were fired at President Ford yesterday in the second attempt on his life in 17 days.

The shots came from behind a crowd of people standing across the street as the President left the St Francis Hotel in San Francisco.

The President was unhurt. Secret Servicemen with guns drawn rushed into the crowd towards a puff of smoke where the gunshot had come from. They grappled with a man and a woman who were taken into custody.

It happened at teatime—just before midnight British time. About 3.000 people were waiting outside the hotel to see the President as he left for a motorcade to San Francisco airport after a day of speechmaking.

Eye-witness Richard Crone said :' 'I was standing as close to the President as anyone could get — about 50 feet — when he came out of the hotel.
'Everybody said, "There he is" and then there was the sound of a shot.


'I thought it was a backfire at first and then I saw a puff of smoke from the crowd across the street.

The President hesitated for a moment and then a crowd of secret servicemen surrounded him and hustled him into his car.

'Then I saw police rush into the crowd -opposite and pull out a tousled headed man.'
As the President's motorcade left, agents gathered around the Presidential car, waving arms and asking people to get away. The FBI said someone else may have been hit by the shot.

Police later said a 40-year-old white woman had been arrested on suspicion of shooting at the President. They Identified her as Sarah Moore and said she was carrying a -38-calibre pistol. The gun had been fired once, at a distance of about 40ft. from Mr Ford.

The President has been the centre of one of the United States' biggest security operations during his visit to California.

There were strong fears that an attempt might be made of his life over the capture of Patty Hearst and hr companion.
Earlier yesterday, outside the same hotel, two demonstrators yelling 'Free Patty and kill Ford' were arrested after a struggle with police.

Seventeen days ago a woman pointed a gun at the President from point-blank range in Sacramento, 85 miles north-west of San Francisco.

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