Douglas Thmopson - Author and International Journalist
Vic Dark

Into the Heart of Darkness

I aimed my gun at the terrified police officer's head, then made him drive. The officer was rigid with fear as the car sped off into the distance. As we drove, somehow the gun went off, the bullet whizzing past the officer's head. The officer wanted to be invisible. He tried desperately to sink ever deeper into the driver's seat. Sweat poured from his forehead. He put his hand up to guard his head, pleading for his life: 'Don't kill me. Please, don't kill me...'

VIC DARK is a deeply terrifying man. He has spent nineteen years inside for armed robbery, and throughout his life of crime he has been convicted for stabbing and shooting. His criminal record is an awesome document: but the truth about his real-life exploits are far, far more sinister.

This is a book that encompasses every branch of the criminal world: robbery, guns, kidnapping, even murder. Vic Dark's life will leave you breathless with excitement; his violence will shock you. He tells of his work as the enforcer for London's most feared gangsters, of his life inside where he was rated the hardest man in Parkhurst, and of the robbery which ended with Vic taking a policeman, a pyjama-clad Irish man and a Chinese chef hostage in a police car!

Into the Heart of Darkness is a sensational, high-octane, bloody, gritty read that reveals an incredible side to the shadow underworld that exists on Britain's streets...

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Vic Dark