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Stalone - I wish I could write off the past 3 years of my life

Daily Express 16th June 1988

AT 41, Sylvester Stallone   is living   alone for   the   first time   in  20   years with no one to support   him   in   his mid-live crisis.

Two failed marriages, the last to Danish giantess Brigitte Nielsen which ended amid stories of lesbianism and Stallone's voyeurism, have left their mark on the box-office champion.

He confesses: "The biggest mistake I made about my private life is that I kept it a secret when I have nothing to hide.
"I have never done anything that I'm ashamed of."
Stallone doesn't act like the globe's most popular —and richest—movie star. He shakes your hand shyly with a nod of his neatly cropped head.

His latest film Rambo III has already made 30 million dollars and he's likely to pick up 25 million dollars for Rambo IV. In his jeans, dark glasses and lizard boots he's just like another Beverly Hills concrete cowboy. But Stallone has got much more than a cement mentality.

He says he wishes the past three years of his life had happened to someone else: "Then I could have read about it.
"I don't want to get romantically involved now, so I date quite a lot. "The biggest misconception about me is that I am a very negative person, anti-social          and
uneducated. But if anything I spend a vast majority of my time educating myself.
"If I stayed the same way I was mentally when I did Rocky I'd be gone now.
"But I have changed, adapted. I have gone through a lot of hardship.
"I have learned from it. People think I am my character. At best they see the noble savage. They think I am Rocky. That I am Rambo. That I don't talk much.
"They think that I sit in my room cleaning guns or putting oil   on my boxing gloves and that they just taring me out of the closet every three years to make a movie.
"No. No. No. I have a very vital life but I don't display it a great deal. I spend a lot of time in the world of art. I collect art. There are things like sport.
"I spend a lot of time with polo and horses but it's not very popular so people don't know it. They think I am down on Santa Monica Pier mugging people. It's not true.
"My private life has changed dramatically. I went through a great deal of soul-searching, embarrassment and humiliation and what I considered spiritual setbacks.
"/ really feel that I am at that point in my life where I want to get all the past and hurt out and just start anew.
"More has been written about my private life than my professional life. I'll give the answers and be honest. Then I just want to get on with my life.
"When I turned 40 it was the first time I had been on my own since I was 21 years old.
"It's a whole new life for me. The first since I left home, left my mother.
"I have come to a decision this year. Now that I don't really have a family—I'm basically on my own—I am going to just go and push myself as far as I can until I explode. I really want to just keep going and going.
"/ really think you are what you leave behind, if you see what I mean, and 1 want to leave a lot behind.
"I think that my private life has been basically taken before the people and stepped on. My personal problems with Brigitte should have stayed personal but the Press took a lot of that stuff and made it a circus and a mockery.
"It was a great deal of embarrassment and a great deal of pain. I could either have gone away hating the world—which would have been real easy after all—and never talked again.
"The alternative was to talk to you and answer questions. You get it over with and you go on with a new life.
"A marriage breaks up and that's a tragedy. I mean, everyone can judge for themselves what happened. But when they start describing weird sexy this and that...

Go crazy
"Come on. If the. sex was that great I wouldn't have got divorced.
"Things did turn bad and it's easy to walk around with a scar on the inside all the time, but I try to push that aside. It ended, I guess you might say, in personal tragedy —but I really have to think about the good side otherwise I'd go crazy.
"You wish the bad memories would just go away. It's like at a funeral when the body is never buried. It's a constant reminder.
"But I love love. I love romance. You know it's love when you stop looking at your watch.
"When I see a woman I'm attracted to I feel the hairs on my neck go.
"I'll tell you the truth. I'm looking for the ideal kind of mythological, family-type situation. I'm serious. I've been involved in two relationships. I'd like a settled relationship.
"I don't know if marriage agrees with me in the near future.
"I think that perhaps I should just spend the next few years going about my business.
"The thing I like about Rambo is these primitive societies taking on technological might and winning.
"Inhabited those kind of insecurities every day. A primitive man taking on the world. I don't care. Hey, life is a war.
"I think everybody worthwhile has to overcome something. I just wish sometimes people could see the other side."

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