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Sharon Stone Interview -

Sunday Mirror Interview

Sharon Stone has always shot from the lip.She's quick on the drawl. And usually very amusing. And wickedly naughty.

She says she's now a split personality. There's the public Sharon Stone, the lacy, racy, glamourous superstar she created following the sensational reaction to 'Basic Instinct' . Then there's the reflective and thoughtful woman from the small steel town of Meadville , Pennsylvania .

The difference between the two is now so dramatic that she says of her brash, busty blonde persona:'It's as if she lives in another house. She pretty much has her own life now. It doesn't include me anymore.

'I can't watch over her anymore. She's become public domain. We never know what's going to happen. It would be pointless to concern myself with it.

'Audiences want a resurgence of the old-fashioned movie star. I think they want me to be bigger than life.'

But she says she is now making her own decisions. As one of Hollywood 's most powerful players she produced as well as starred in 'The Quick and the Dead'. The revenge-themed Western also stars Oscar-winner Gene Hackman and Stone's favourite actor, the 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio who she predicts will 'be the biggest star we've seen in decades.'

But it is in the upcoming 'Casino' in which she engages in some controversial sex scenes. It's back to basics.

Despite accounts that wanted to lose her raunchy image she makes no apologies for her choice of a less than demure role saying 'As long as you don't have fear you can do anything.'

She proved her point at the Cannes Film Festival this year. There it was revealed that she had signed a $50 million dollar deal with Miramax Films which, in effect, turned her into a Hollywood mogul.

She will either star in or produce or do both in a string of future projects as well as take the lead in a Marlene Dietrich bio-film and a remake of the 1958 Kim Novak comedy 'Bell, Book and Candle.'

She could be the first topless Tinseltown tycoon. For it seems she is not stepping too far away from her 'Basic Instinct' image. At a Cannes charity dinner she turned up in a Valentino thigh-high gold silk hot pants suit. It was a reminder of a stunt played by Madonna in the French resort and Stone said:' Anything Madonna can do I can do better.'

She has not lost the movie star presence olr cheek chic. Or her penchant for raunchy movie promotion. The weirdest, wildest and -- depending on your point of view -- hottest sex scenes of 1995 are in 'Casino' set in sleazy Las Vegas clubs. Stone as the wife of Robert De Niro has to submit to the sexual demands of that other Scorsese regular Joe Pesci.

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