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Sharon Stone in Casino

Sex sells. Sharon Stone is a multi millionairess. The two facts are intimately connected. The controversial actress is the screen's sex sensation of the Nineties and a power-player in Hollywood. This is the woman who has calculated her raunchy sex appeal. She is the epitome of the Hollywood overnight success story - one hit film and people forget the years of hard graft and bimbo bit-parts that went before. For Stone, that film was Basic Instinct in which she starred opposite Michael Douglas.

Sharon Stone is the fascinating story of a thoroughly nineties woman, a modern star who according to Julie Burchill has taken over from Madonna as 'the post-feminist icon'. Written by acclaimed Hollywood-watcher Douglas Thompson, Sharon Stone covers all the major influences and developments in her life, including her early modelling career, her forthright views on the cult of the 'casting couch', her relationships with Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, and of course her many film roles.

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Sharon Stone The Biography by Douglas Thompson