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The astonishing, first-hand account of an unknown chapter in the infamous history of the Mafia

Shadowland is a revelatory and dramatic true-life thriller spanning much of the twentieth century, a page-turning chronicle of an elaborate Mafia plan to ‘invade’ Europe using 1960s London as a bridgehead.

The capital city of the Swinging Sixties was also a world of gambling, guns and gangsters. Several veterans of the era are astonished that they survived it and some feel protected enough – now that most of the killers are now themselves dead – to reveal to bestselling author Douglas Thompson the until now taboo details and secrets of one of history’s greatest criminal conspiracies, and of how world champion boxer Freddie Mills really died.

The tension in this real-life narrative is ferocious as the tale moves from London to New York and Las Vegas, down to Miami, into Havana, then on to the Bahamas and back to an unexpected denouement in London. Brutal, terrifying and intrigue-packed, it is a Machiavellian account of the Mob’s global manipulation of governments and officials.

Shadowland recounts events from the viewpoint of the pawns as well as the kingmakers. All the big players of Mafia history are here, controlled by the gangster genius Meyer Lansky. But so are the hit men, the fixers, the hoodlums and the wise guys.

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