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Rock's Private Hell As Hollywood's Closet Superstar

Daily Express 20th November 1986

THE secret torment of being homosexual in Hollywood is revealed in an interview with superstar Rock Hudson.

The gay actor told of his private hell six years before he died of AIDS at 59.
In the interview titled Scared Straight, Hudson comes across as bitter and angry at having to keep his homosexuality under wraps.

Asked about playing macho and romantic roles with stars like Doris Day he says: " I just did my job. Now I don't watch it.
" I just don't sit around watching what my friends call a piece of the Rock."
The interview with journalist Boze Hadleigh will be published in next month's edition of American Film.
He asks Hudson : " Rock, how many top actors in Hollywood are gay?"
Hudson : " Whew. Too many for me to name. If you mean gay or bisexual —whatever that means— then maybe most.
" I guess if one came out, the crowding from the closet would be so strong, several would be pushed out.
" Trust me, Boze, America does not want to know."
The heart-throb actor, who died last year, adds: " Everybody knows about everybody in Hollywood—who sleeps with who, who doesn't sleep, who does it standing on his head or in the dentist's chair."


Hudson referred to the ordeal by late actor Nick Adams who was the butt of jokes about his homosexuality. He says : " Dammit, what's done is done. Movies were anti-gay. Movies are anti gay. And movies will continue to be anti-gay.
" I think you're trying to get me to apologise for being famous or being a star or being . .. myself."
You don't think coming out of the closet is easy or worth it ? " Easy ? The more people it affects the more difficult it is. I'm sure it's worth it to some people."
If a star about your age and stature came out do you think he wouldn't be hired again ?
" I'm not sure. He could make a living on the lecture circuit—all kinds of nuts do that. But I couldn't see him getting hired to do a mini-series."
" But I'm not about to drag myself up in leather or in chiffon and that's where the aspect of Hollywood stereotypes is at the moment."

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