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Robert Vaughn and David McCalum - Back In Action, The Men To Save The World Again

The Mail on Sunday 5th December 1982

THE future of the world is at stake in the Nevada desert. Armed with a nuclear device a madman warns that if his demands are not met it's goodbye to tomorrow.

True, James Bond is fleetingly on the scene, but this is not O07's show. For comfort the world must look to two nonchalant gentlemen one of whom is apparently in earnest conversation with his ballpoint pen - much to the fascination of a dozen Los Angeles highway patrol police.

They are told that Channel D is open again. Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, the Men from United Network Command for Law and Enforcement are back.


Their waistlines may be slightly thicker but apart from that Robert Vaughn and David McCallum look much the same as they did in the Sixties when they repeatedly saved the world in 109 TV episodes and eight feature films.

Writer Michael Sloan contrived to get them together again for a new film The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Vaughn and McCallum, now both aged 50, were delighted to answer the call to indulge in the stylish and outrageous antics which made them world wide favourites 15 years and more ago.

l never thought it would happen again, said McCallum. Mt was marvellous to do it at the time and it's marvellous to be doing it again.'
McCallum has worked steadily since the series both on Broadway and in TV staring in Coiditz and Sapphire and Steel.

Major Hit

Vaughn, too, has been busy including picking up an award for his role in Washington: Behind Closed Doors.
'There's a sense of deja vu,' says Vaughn in between a break in filming at Caesar's Palace Hotel. "If Solo has changed it's because of me. Solo is me. I've always played him that way.'

The film, which has one-time James Bond star George Lazenby in a fleeting role and also stars Gayle Hunnicutt and Patrick McNee, stands every chance of being a major hit.
If it is, will there be a new TV series?
'You never know,' says McCallum.

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