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Palimony Case Is Outrageous Says Liberace

Daily Mail 16th October 1982

L I B E R A C E said last night that he would fight the multi-million dollar paIimony law suit brought against him by a young man. But Scott Thorson, 23, who claims he was violently evicted from the showman's Beverly Hills penthouse after Liberace began 'to date other gentlemen' also promised to pursue his case.

Liberate, currently playing to packed audiences in West Bury, Long Island, denounced the action as 'an outrageous, vicious attempt to assassinate my character.'

He also had a statement issued in Las Vegas, where blond and blue-eyed Thorson claims they began an 'intimate relationship' when he was.

The statement said Thorson was 'a disgruntled former employee who was fired early in 1982 because of excessive use of alcohol, drugs, and carrying firearms among other reasons.'

Thorson wore a brocade dinner jacket, velvet striped trousers and a ruffled formal shirt—'I always dress like this' — when he filed his £66-5 million law suit in Los Angela's Superior Court.

He described his relationship with Liberace as 'an exclusive non-marital relationship in which each depended on the other for emotional and sexual satisfaction and gratification.'
He says he gave up his career prospects as a dancer and composer. In return, the entertainer allegedly promised to support him for life, give him £4,000 a month salary, £17,099 a year for pet care, a half-interest in real estate, a Rolls-Royce and two other vehicles, and to add his name to bank and credit card accounts.

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