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Uncaged - The biography by Nicolas Cage

Douglas Thompson with Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has gone from oddball to Oscar winner and en route has gained a reputation as a unique Hollywood talent. A graduate of the 1980's Brat Pack, he has overtaken contemporise like Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn to become the most sought after leading man of his generation.

Cage has managed that most difficult Hollywood balancing act - critical and commercial success - and his films, from Rumble Fish to Moonstruck, and from Wild at Heart to Raising Arizona, have always reflected that. Never was this combined success more evident than when he won the best actor Oscar in 1996 for his portrayal of a doomed alcoholic in Mike Figgis' dark and haunting Leaving Las Vegas and in the same year scored huge commercial hit co-starring with Sean Connery in the action thriller The Rock.

In his personal life he has cultivated the image of a wild child. This is the man, after all, who said that if he could be a woman for a day the first thing he would do is masturbate; who notoriously smashed up his trailer on the set of The Cotton Club; and co-stars, the rise to superstardom of the prodigal son of one of Hollywood's most complex and controversial dynasties - the Copplas.

Uncaged takes you inside the mind and life of Nicolas Cage. Wild, crazy and bizarre, he is an outrageously talented star.

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