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Michelle Pfeiffer - The Biography by Douglas Thompson

From checkout girl to Catwoman, to Scorsese and "The Age of Innocence", Michele Pfeiffer has come a long way.

Now one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, commanding multi-million dollar fees, combining looks and talent and acting opposite many of the screen's top stars, Pfeiffer seems to have it all.

This biography of Michele Pfeiffer unveils the mysteries behind her transformation from high school beauty to Hollywood player. The book includes the wild early years, the brainwashing by a bizarre cult, and the romances with, among others, John Malkovich and Michael Keaton.

It also features her love of acting and the road to fame. Thompson makes use of his interviews with Pfeiffer herself, her family and colleagues to present this intimate portrait.

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Michelle Pfeiffer French Book Cover


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