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Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson - Three In Bed' Tape Shock For Jackson

Daily Express 2nd September 1993

MICHAEL Jackson was secretly taped sharing a bed with two boys, it was claimed last night.

The new allegations emerged as the singer made a dramatic return to the stage in Singapore following fears for his health.

A highly-placed source told the Daily Express that Jackson slept three-in-a-bed with Jordan Chandler, 13, and the boy's six-year-old brother Nicky at their Beverly Hills mansion.

Their father, dentist Evan Chandler, was said to have put a recorder under the bed and taped Jackson "fiddling" with Jordan.

The source claimed: "The police say Jackson is the classic paedophile. He does all the things to attract children — the candy, the video games, the animals." Jackson's private investigator Anthony Pellicano denied it all.
He said: "I asked Jordan point-blank whether Michael molested him and he replied 'Never'."
It was also revealed Chandler was suspended from dental practice after patients' complaints.
And Jordan's mother ran up £70,000 bills on Jackson's credit card on trips with him to Europe.
Jackson aides claim Chandler was behind a £13 million extortion plot against the star.

AS NEW allegations broke over Michael Jackson's sex life,   it   was   claimed   last-night   that   investigators have already labelled the superstar a child abuser. "The police say Jackson is the classic paedophile," said a highly placed source.
"He does all the things to attract the children — the candy, the video games, the animals. It's a classic situation. The police think he did it and the child custody people think he did it."
It is alleged that Jackson slept three-in-a-bed with his 13-year-old friend Jordan Chandler and the youngster's six-year-old brother Nicky at their father's California home.
Jordan's father Evan told investigators he had tape recorded the 35-year-old singer "fiddling" with Jordan at his Beverly Hills mansion, said the source.
He also revealed that June Chandler, Jordan's mother, spent more than £70,000 — $105,000 — on Jackson's credit card during trips to Europe with him.
"June Chandler has very wide eyes," added the source. "She dismissed the behaviour saying Jackson is eccentric which he is. But he's also got lots of charisma and she liked being in the spotlight. June could be charged with pandering.
"You get $105,000 — whether a guy gives you cash or a credit card to let you fiddle the kid, if someone believes that's what's happened that's pandering.
"There is also the possibility of charges of child endangerment."
The source denied that Evan, now re-married to a French woman by whom he had Nicky, was a dentist to the stars.

He claimed Evan was suspended after a string of complaints and only ever had one celebrity client.

Last night as Jackson appeared before thousands of screaming fans on the Singapore leg of his Dangerous tour the fresh revelations saw both sides reinforcing their legal teams.
There were unconfirmed reports in Los Angeles that police seized a picture of Jordan Chandler naked during their raid on Jackson's 2,700-acre Neverland estate last month.
But yesterday the star's private detective Anthony Pellicano hit back saying he had quizzed Jordan personally and the boy had denied ever being molested by Jackson.

The teenager allegedly told Pellicano he had never seen Jackson naked because the singer was shy and always wore pyjamas, socks and a hat in bed.
The source said: "Pellicano is doing his job. He's put up a smokescreen. He's a classy gumshoe."
He also told how Jackson's relationship with Jordan developed after they met at the offices of June Chandler's current husband, car rental tycoon Dave Schwartz.
"Dave called June and Jordan and said: 'Michael Jackson is on his way over to rent a car. Would you like   to   come   over   and meet    him?'"    said    the source.
"They came over and met Michael and that was the end of it. But about a week later Michael called Jordie from Europe and kept calling.
"They did talk and would talk sometimes for up to three hours and that's how it started.
"I don't remember the sequence but he had him up to Neverland and took the two of them to the Music Awards in Monaco.
"Jackson introduced them to the royal family. He wined and dined the mother and Jordie.
"He bought tons of gifts for Jordie and his sister Lilly. Dave never went. "Dave  comes  home one evening and finds Michael sleeping in one of the rooms in his house — just staying the night.
"Dave was very much against it. He didn't like it when they went to Monaco.
"He told June he didn't want Michael to buy her anything. He made sure she had money to buy her own things.
"Then the kid went over to visit his father.
"Michael went and stayed there three or four days in the same room, in the same bed with Jordan and Nicky, who is Evan's kid with his present wife.
The source continued: "Evan has said he spent tens of thousands of dollars on investigators.
"He called June one time and said he had a tape recorder under the bed when Michael Jackson was staying at his house and he had a tape of Jordan and Michael fiddling in bed.
"So June said to him:  'My God, Evan, I've got to   hear   that.'   He   said:   'I "And then he told her he had her house bugged and he had all these tapes of conversations that Michael made coming put of the house and coming into the house.
"He said he had a ton of evidence that no one has seen as far as I know.
"After that Evan and Michael did not seem to get on too well.
"He either asked Michael to build him a new house or Michael said: 'Why don't I build you a new house that has room for me to stay'.
"I don't know which way it went — it depends on who you talk to." The source went on: "At  that   point  in time — we are now up in early July of this  year  —  Evan  calls Dave   and  tells  him  he thinks there is something wrong with Michael.
"Dave says no way. He is just a teenager himself and they are just doing teenage type of things.
"Dave's frame of mind was that Evan was totally full of crap and there was nothing to it and he was trying to make something out of something that doesn't exist.
"Evan then goes out and hires himself a (lawyer and goes to a psychiatrist, a so-called forensic psychiatrist.
"He gives him a hypothetical set of facts — he's got a big-time star, 35 years old, who befriends this 13-year-old boy and wants to sleep in the same bed with the boy. The star wines and dines the mother.
"The psychiatrist's analysis of this is: 'If the boy came in and told me this I would have to report it to the child abuse hotline. I think he is molesting the boy'. The father wipes out the name of the psychiatrist and any identifying information on the letter which is dated July 16.
"He calls the mother, he calls Dave and he calls Michael himself.
"He says: 'I want to have a meeting tomorrow in the morning at 8.30 — not at 8.31, not at 8.32.'
"And basically he said we're going to have this meeting at 8.30 tomorrow and this doomsday machine is going to go off and it's going to ruin everyone."
But the story was swept aside by the Jackson legal team.
Pellicano said he questioned Jordan himself.
"He said it never happened. I asked him point blank whether Michael molested him and he replied: 'Never'," said Pellicano.
"I asked him if he had ever seen Michael naked and he said: 'No, Michael was too shy'."
Pellicano refused to say why the singer wanted to sleep with young boys but revealed that he had "lots of sleepovers with young boys and girls.
"The parents would be in the rooms. They would sit and watch cartoons till late in the morning.
"When they are at Neverland they play and go on the rides for hours. It's a fun place for them and they crash into bed." The source explained the tug of love between Evan and June over Jordan, which sparked the abuse inquiry, began when the teenager failed to return to the Schwartz househould.
"By the beginning of August Evan hadn't returned him to his mother," he said. "Evan refused to let the mother talk to him except for one occasion when he was there.
"The kid seems fearful that he couldn't say
anything about all of
this unless his father
was there.
"Evan said: 'You're a lousy mother.' And then he said that June shouldn't have the kid at all.
"He forgot what he had let go on for a week in his own house."
"Then Evan said he was not going to return the kid and that's when the story about his demands for $20 million were released.
"Pellicano said he was going to give Chandler 350,000 for a movie development deal. He said it would cost many times more than that if they didn't and it wasn't really all that big a deal."

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