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Michelle Gets Only 140g In Marvin Suit

New York Post 18th April 1979

N. Y, Post Correspondent, Douglas Thompson

LOS ANGELES -Michelle Triola Marvin was given a token $104,000 today — to start a new life without actor Lee Marvin.

But Superior Court Judge Arthur Marshall ruled that there was neither an express nor implied agreement between the 46-year old singer and Oscar winner Marvin to share everything they had.

Michelle was seeking half of 55-year old Marvin's ~"~ earnings during the six years they lived together outside matrimony — an estimated $1.8 million.
The ruling was a clear victory for the actor who had insisted that he had never promised to share his fortune with the woman he had never married but who had legally changed her name to Marvin.
"I think it's sensational," said Lee Marvin. "We won on all counts."
Miss  Marvin  said,   "I'm very happy that I won something. I'm proud to have paved the way for people in relationships such as mine." The 34-page verdict came after an 11-week trial in which a parade of Hollywood insiders testified for and against the landmark "palimony" lawsuit.

Marshall said that Marvin "had repeatedly informed" Miss Marvin that "he did not believe in marriage because of the property rights which a wife thereby acquires." The judge noted that she "could not have understood that phrase to accord the same rights to one who was not defendant's wife."

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