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Leonardo DiCaprio Biography
Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Leonardo DiCaprio is officially Hollywood's hottest property.

Brought up by his mother on the mean streets of L.A., Leonardo DiCaprio has lived it large downtown but now finds himself catapulted into Tinseltown. He has starred in such flms as The Quick and the Dead, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, and, of course, Baz Luhrmann's beatiful adaptation of William Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet. He achieved true superstar status with his role in James Cameron's epic romantic adventure, Titanic, but he is quick to quote Sharon Stone's advice: " 'When you are famous you've get to accept it as an advantage. It will only make you stronger.' I feel pretty strong."

DiCaprio is a Generation-X rebel who defies definition, continuing to carve his own unique place in the pantheon of Hollywood legends.

This is DiCaprio's story of his unconventional past, magnetic looks and powerful personality, illuminated by over 60 glorious color photographs.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Biography