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Art lover with a gun

Daily Mail December 10th 1980

THE man who: came from paradise to brutally murder John Lennon emerged today as a lonely drifter who wanted one thing in life — recognition.

Mark David Chapman, 25, was frustrated in almost everything he did. He was a poor husband and a tormented, unsuccessful artist. But he was successful as a security guard working for 18 months for Freeman Guard Services in Honolulu-
'An efficient, good worker,' was how he was described here.

In that job Chapman, a burly, chubby man learned to use a gun. He prided himself on his efficiency. He could shoot jumping, running and walking and at the cardboard targets he practised on with accuracy.

Chapman, according to friends here was an 'art freak'.
HJs prized possession was a £50 print of Salvador Dali's 'Lincoln in Dalivisifln'—a picture tat conjures up the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
Bob connel, the manager of the apartment building where Chapman lived, said the gunman had talked to him about becoming a famous artist.
'He loved art. The Salvador Dali renting was the big thing in his life. He wanted to be a famous painter.'

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