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The Kennedy's Interview -

Daily Express Interview

On the steps of St Mathhew's Cathedral in Washington in his smart coat and polished shoes he stood in front of his Uncle Bobby and saluted the coffin of his father John F. Kennedy.

It was his third birthday and he was nicknamed John John .Today the son of the assassinated 35th President of the United States is one of the world's most eligible bachelors.

Thirty years on John F. Kenney Junior is a dashing young man of the Nineties --'the sexiest man alive' according to one of his country's magazines. He's created marvellous gossip column moments with his Hollywood dalliances involving Madonna and ,very seriously for the past year, Daryl Hannah.

But it is for the Kennedy Legacy that his star is supposedly to truly shine. A lawyer, he is now officially and quietly indulging in the family business --- politics. He, of course, has never been far awayh from that life. He proved himself an impressive speaker when he introduced his Uncle Teddy to the Democratic Convention in 1988 but then dismissed talk of running for office.

His plans, he said, went no further than law school. He is extravagantly handsome, extremely rich and ,given the circumstances ,astonishingly normal. He can deal with the paparazzi or a visiting Head of State with equal aplomb and it is impossible not to see him carrying the torch of Camelot.

And he has a strong support system led by his mother Jackie Onassis who has been a steadfast matriach to her family. JFK Jnr grossly resented her marriage to Aristoltle Onassis but today he and his 64-year-old mother are close.

While JFK Jnr hones his political charisma his sister Caroline who was six-years-old when her father died is intent on remaining in the background. She has a law degree from Columbia University and is happily married to Jackie O-approved Edwin Schlossberg. Her own daughter is now nearly six.

At her weding rehearsal guests were moved by the toast of the bride's brother who was also Schlossberg's best man. JFK Jnr looked at his mother and sister and said:' We'be been a threesome so long it's nice to have a fourth.'

Jackie O gets the credit for raising two ‘normal' kids. ‘She's a great mother', says a friend adding:' They haven't had the problems some other Kennedy kids have had. She's been there when they needed her.'

Grief can hurt some more than others and Caroline was the one most affected by her father's sudden death. She never displayed her feelings. Before his own killing in 1968 Boby Kennedy would say of Caroline:' Every time I see here, I want to go somewhere and cry.'

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