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Jill Ireland
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Jill Ireland Loses Her Cancer Battle

Daily Express 19th May 1990

BRITISH actress Jill Ireland finally lost her brave fight against cancer last night.
The 53-year-old star died at her Hollywood home in the arms of her film-star husband Charles Bronson after a six-year battle against the disease.

Their six children were also at her bedside in the house at Malibu, the Pacific beach retreat she loved best of their homes. Her 81-year-old mother Dorothy flew out from England to be at her side.

Jill's death came at the time when the film world was also in mourning for Sammy Davis Jnr, whose funeral was taking place as she passed away. She had been in a coma for many hours.

Earlier this year she knew she was going to die soon. The doctors had done their best back. Two weeks ago, Jill kept her pledge to attend the wedding of her son Paul McCal-lum in Los Angeles.

But she was terribly weak at the ceremony and had to be supported by Bronson and her brother John.

Her first husband, British actor David McCallum had visited her this week.
Jill, who had looked increasingly frail, inspired millions with her brave fight against cancer.

In 1984 she had her right breast removed. Her book about her experiences became a best-seller and provided comfort for women throughout the world.

She and 67-year-old Bronson, who gave up filming to be at bedside through the illness, were devastated by the death of an adopted son from a drugs overdose. But typically, Jill continued to be a source of strength for her fans and family.

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