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Jenny Gets Tough

Jenny Gets Tough

Daily Mirror 9th March 1985

ENGLISH rose Jenny Seagrove has been turned into a daredevil female James Bond by Hollywood.

Jenny won viewers' hearts as the young Yorkshire servant girl who became one of the world's richest women in the recent TV series. A Woman of Substance.

Now she is filming on location in Jamaica. But Jenny isn't getting a tan. She is sweating it out as the Action-Woman star of In Like Flynn, a TV movie, the producers hope to follow with a series.

She plays best-selling crime writer Terri McLean, who researches her own plots—landing herself in situations that make Charlie's Angels seem like schoolgirls.

The hero of her books is a tough guy called Jason Flynn. He is well named, because he—and therefore Jenny—is constantly involved in sort of swashbuckling heroics that made film star Errol Flynn famous.

Jenny is enjoying her new role.
"It's fun-but hard work," she says.
The film's writer-producer Glen Larson—the man behind Magnum and Knight Rider agrees.
"This is probably the most demanding role a woman has ever been asked to play on TV," he says.

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