Douglas Thmopson - Author and International Journalist

November 1970
McVicar - Four Guns Pointed

May 1975
Vietnam The New Era Begins

September 1975
Woman Tries To Kill Ford

The Party For The Poor
The President, The Lady and Godfather Part 1
The President, The Lady and Godfather Part 2
The President, The Lady and Godfather Part 3
The President, The Lady and Godfather Part 4

April 1978
Patty Hearst - Gun Girl Patty Plump and Playing The Rich Girl Again

April 1979
Michelle Gets Only 140g In Marvin Suit

August 1979
£1000 million Divorce!

October 1979
How The Assassin Was Foiled
Jesse Bishop - A killer smiles at his own execution

September 1980
End of The Green Beret Drug War

November 1980
Towering Inferno

December 1980
Lennon - Art lover with a sun

February 1981
Sinatra - I am not a Mafia front man

April 1981
Gunman's 'fantasy love for film star Jodie Foster'

August 1981
Douglas Thompson's Hollywood

October 1982
Palimony Case Is Outrageous Says Liberace

December 1982
Killer Dies By The Needle
Back In Action, The Men To Save The World Again

October 1983
Jane Fonder - What fitne$$ means to Fonda

The two faces of Dolly Parton

April 1984
They're Back Those Sixties Hero's

May 1984
Fred Astaire at 85... fit, fun and still leading life a merry dance
Mother Faces Her Killer Son

June 1984
The King of Cremation
Hit Man Doctor Guilty

September 1984
Stalone Still Throwing Punches At Rocky

March 1985
Jenny Gets Tough
The Woman Who Won Man's Toughest Race
Surrogate Mothers - Someone else’s baby

April 1985
Cathy Silvers - Bilko's baby on Parade
Diane Keaton - Seductive, charming, complex, emotional, funny

May 1985
Miami Vice - Vice is nice, but Versace is better

June 1985
The Reagan Family - Rainbow loves Rawhide

August 1985
A Life of Sex and Drugs, Not Me Says a Shocked Lesley Anne

October 1985
Hollywood Wives From The Glitter and The Glory To The Cold Shoulder City

August 1986
Elvis Heiress In Cult Shock
Cagney Just a Family Man At Heart
The Year of The Fedora

September 1986
Walking Out On Jane Fonder's Regime

November 1986
Rock's Private Hell As Hollywood's Closet Superstar

December 1986
Gary Gilmore - Another Wait For Kill Me Gary
Inside The £14000 a Night Hotel

May 1987
Masters of The Universe

July 1987
I Spent a Million of Joan's Money

June 1988
Stalone - I wish I could write off the past 3 years of my life

March 1989
Trash TV Is Sordid, Scandelous and Set To Shock Us All

October 1989
San Francisco Earth Quake - Sandwich of Death

November 1989
Candice Bergen - Take a million, Miss Brown

December 1989
Chandler or Parker
Jill Ireland and Charles Bronson - Love Story That Won't Have a Happy Ending

May 1990
Jill Ireland Loses Her Cancer Battle

Elizabeth McGovern - Wide Eyed and Innocent, Me?

August 1991
Robin Givens - From Hated To Fated

September 1991
Madonna Stripped Bare

October 1991

Has Castro Lit His Last Cigar

November 1991
Ice Cool In Kingston
Barbra Streisand On The Couch
Jamie Lee Curtis - Just an old-fashioned girl?
Michael Douglas Acting On Instinct

December 1991
Ali MacGraw: Body and Soul
Growing Up With Burt Reynolds
Ian McShane - The Antiques Rogue Show

January 1992
Priscilla Presley - Priscilla Comes of Age

February 1992
California Cashes In As Yachtie Circus Comes To Town
Oscars 1992 - The Best Bash In Hollywood

April 1992
Vidal Sassoon

May 1992
LA Riots
Michael Crawford - Putting On The Ritz

June 1992
Batman Cash In The Kitty

August 1992
Genesis - The Nice Men of Rock
How Kim Escaped The Bimbo Limbo

September 1992
Clint Eastwood - The Sexual Cowboy
Clint Eastwood - The Good, The Bad and The Raunchy

December 1992
Its high noon in Hicksville for the goddess of the Glitterati
Jack Nicholson - A Star At War With Himself
Hepburn By The Men Who Loved Her

January 1993
Why Holden Refused To Give Her a Baby

April 1993
The Diet That Can Win Your Body An Oscar

July 1993
Glen's Close Encounter With Marlboro Man
Clint Eastwood - Movie Acclaim That's Making Big Clint's Day

August 1993
Heidi Wood
A Tradition of Sin

September 1993
Michael Jackson - Three In A Bed' Tape Shock For Jackson

October 1993
The Kennedys - The Way They Were Then and The Way They Are Now

November 1993
How The West Was Won By Women
Scorsese Perfects Etiquette As If To The Manners Born
Jackson Can Run But He Cannot Hide
The Man Telling Caroline's Secrets

July 1994
Stalone - Romancing The Stone

October 1994
Disney - Of Mice and Men (and parking spaces)

July 2007
Douglas and Lesley Thompson rented their house to the BBC, and watched Ian McShane use their chairs as junk

January 2009
John Travolta - JOHN TRAVOLTA frantically tried to revive his teenage son after he collapsed in the Bahamas, police revealed last night.

November 2009
Jackie Onassis - The Liberation of Jackie O

The Kennedys

Mother Faces Her Killer Son

Stalone on Rocky


LA Lawless

Barbra Steisand

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