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Dudley Moore, The biography by Douglas Thompson

Much to the dismay of tall men the world over, Dudley Moore has risen to become an international film star, media magnet and Hollywood heart throb without loosing a trace of the loveable English charm the propelled him to stardom in the 1960's. Measures in a romantically challenged 5'2”, beautiful women have always wanted to care for Dudley , and judging by the number who have fallen for – rather than over – him, he has never wanted to upset them by saying no.

Dudley Moore's life has always been about making the best of adversity. The son of a railway man, he spent an isolated childhood in and out of hospital receiving treatment for a club foot (which has never healed) - where humour kept the bullies away and music was his salvation. winning an organ scholarship to oxford, the working class lad from Dagenham un expectantly found he could attract the university's tallest and most sophisticated girls, whilst his talent with jazz and acting flourished into the phenomenal world wide success of the satirical review ‘beyond the fringe' and his long running, ground breaking partnership with Peter Cook as Pete 'N Dud and the delightfully obscene Derek and Clive.

Eschewing the drink and drugs life style that has destroyed many a Hollywood career, Dudley has compensated with a turbulent love life that has seen him marry four times, amicably separate three times and sleep with hundreds of women in between. Much like his middle aged character in 10, the film that turned him into as much of a sex symbol as his co star Bo Derek. He has a desperate need to find the perfect partner who will understand all his insecurities and quirks. In 1995 he became a father again, at 60. Is his search over at last?

With an occasional Derek and Clive candidness, Dudley Moore has laid his heart open to acclaimed Hollywood insider Douglas Thompson as never before, revealing the angst, anxiety and restlessness behind the diminutive exterior that we have come to know - perhaps misleadingly - as forever `Cuddly Dudley`.

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