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The Diet That Can Win Your Body An Oscar

Daily Express 27th April 1993

DIVINE Demi Moore is the Hollywood body of the   moment   and   the best advertisement for the other man in her life. Moore and husband Bruce Willis are devotees of superstar trainer Robert Parr who is the toast — in vegetable juice — of Tinseltown.
Parr and the scores of other personal trainers who keep the stars in shape are known as The Body Workers.

But they are not just some whimsical accessory. Most people keep fit and trim because of a mix of vanity and health reasons. In Hollywood it is also business.
This week, with our unique Hollywood Health programme, we'll show you how to achieve the sort of body that wins an Oscar.
Today we start with Parr's exercise programme, tomorrow we'll bring you the diet that the film stars favour to shed the pounds and keep their energy levels high. Supermodel   Christy   Turlington,   singer   Belinda   Carlisle, Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg and Tatum O'Neal are all "Up To Parr"   clients.   John   McEnroe enlisted the fitness guru's services when he wanted to get into shape for Wimbledon two years  ago. And Maria Shriver does not look to husband Arnold Schwarzenegger for workout advice,  but to Parr.

At the moment Parr, a former baseball player, is best-known as being responsible for what many regard as Hollywood's most glamorous body of the moment. For a while there Demi Moore, 30, was the most famous nude since Godiva. Wearing nothing but diamonds and a faraway gaze, Moore, seven months pregnant, posed for the coyer of glossy Vanity Fair magazine. Now she is spread across the cover of the May edition of American Esquire wearing nothing but roses.

What parts are on show, rather than belonging to body doubles, in Moore's new major box-office success Indecent Proposal is the only thing not being revealed.
In the film Robert Redford offers $1 million to spend the night with Moore. Whatever the view of that proposal, most agree that she has a million dollar body. Moore and Bruce Willis have two daughters, Rumer, four, and 21-. month-old Scout. And motherhood is not a formula for a perfect body, with all the sagging from pregnancy poundage.
Demi was pregnant with Scout when she first began working with Parr. After talking to her doctor, she and Parr began an exercise programme in the last three months of her pregnancy.

This built up her endurance and stamina so that after Scout's birth she was able to get into more intense workouts more quickly. She lost 20 pounds in a little more than six weeks.
Moore is now slim and statuesque and her appearance at an awards ceremony in a plunging purple gown drew excited gasps. Now Bruce Willis really has something to smirk about.

The Parr routine for Moore involved  60-minutes of aerobics and plenty of step-up and fentle exercise of the upperbody
Willis was so impressed with his wife's make-over that he also got hooked on Parr. The actor, who needs to watch his weight, is now slim and trim with that exercise glow in his face.
Like Demi Moore, Tatum O'Neal follows Parr's routines to maintain an athletic but very feminine figure. After having three children, and at 29, she has gone back to work. In her new TV film she plays a Playboy bunny girl.

Like all of Parr's clients she has established in her mind his philosophy that working-out is part of your life rather than something you do to get ready for a film or to get into a new outfit.

PARR'S philosophy is simple: you work to get into shape with good aerobic exercise and then you are in condition to take on "runtime" workouts, such as soccer with the children or a game of golf. It is, he says, all about cashing in on your body's potential.
Madonna, for example, achieved the startling look that allowed her to squeeze into the spray-on gowns of Breathless Mahoney in Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy, with Parr's help.
"We work on stamina and endurance for her singing and dancing and we work on the shape of her body," he says.
"The transformation was not an overnight thing. She knows how she wants to look and she works hard at it. We wanted to incorporate the sinewy look. We wanted strength and endurance instead of mass and power. We go running and biking and then she does 30 minutes on the Lifecycle or Versa-climber — it simulates mountain climbing.
"Her upper body definition comes from weight repetitions, the flat stomach is from a combination of sit-ups and pike-position lifts that work the upper, 'lower and oblique abdominal muscles.
"The sinewy look is created with workouts and also with low body fat. Madonna is a vegetarian. And she drinks gallons of water to replace lost body fluids.
"Madonna truly enjoys challenging herself. Not everyone could Took like her but with the right, intelligent workout, everyone can look better."
For beginners the key word is gently. Parr and all the other "Body Workers" recommend about 20 minutes walking or maybe bike riding three or four times a week to start. You gradually build up the time to 30 minutes, 40 minutes and on and on.
Getting a Madonna or Demi Moore body involves lower and upper body routines and repetitions of particular exercises to enhance your look.

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