Douglas Thmopson - Author and International Journalist

Cilla Black Bobby's Girl by Douglas Thompson

Cilla Black is a survivor. Daughter of a market trader from Liverpool, she has become a major show business name since those heady beetle days when Liverpool had the worlds pop culture capital and John Lennon introduced her to Brian Epstine. After a successful music career she reinvented herself as a presenter of blind date and today is one of the most powerful and best loved women on television.

As well as looking at the triumphs and tragedies of Cilla's life, Douglas Thompson also reveals behind the scenes gossip about what really goes on amongst the contestants of blind date and looks at the ingredients that have launched the show - and Cilla into the record books.

  • Cilla Black is the UK 's most popular TV presenter - Blind Date pulls an average audience of 14 million viewers.
  • The first in-depth biography which reveals what this notoriously private person is really like.
  • Includes many fascinating behind the scenes stories from Cilla's shows and from interviews with her friends.


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