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Christine Keeler - The Truth At Last

This is the never before told full story of one of the defining moments of the 20th century, and the extraordinary personal history of one of its most famous faces.

In 1961, with the cold war at freezing point, a beautiful nineteen year old had an affair with the secretary of state for war John Profumo. She also had sex with a Russian spy. When the political time bomb exploded, two years later, Britain 's last grandee government, that of Harold McMillan, collapsed. But the social legacy was even more potent than the political one. As hemlines went up in the 60s, inhibitions came down.

Christine Keeler's name is as synonymous with the sexual revolution as the pill. She was the epicentre of the social and political earthquake that shook the world, but what she can now tell with mature insight will shatter all preconceptions about her and the legendary events. The political and diplomatic ramifications and the social and sexual antics of those around her were more far reaching than ever imagined.

Recently seen FBI documents prove what Christine has always maintained about the intimate involvement of the Kennedy white house in her case and how J. Edger Hoover took personal charge. But above all this is the life's journey of a woman whom history has refused to let it go, who can never escape being Christine Keeler. She is a headline forever. It is a page turning story of her enormous personal sacrifice her unstinting resolve and her triumphant survival.

What Christine Keeler has finally found herself brave enough to tell, rewrites history.

Christine Keeler was a successful model - her portrait astride a chair is iconic - and she now writes and broadcasts. Tried for perjury following the death of Stephen Ward and briefly jailed, the story of her early life was adapted as the film ‘scandal'. The truth is far more interesting and intriguing. She has written this book with the author Douglas Thompson.

In the play 'Keeler' Based on the Best Selling Book 'The Truth At Last' By Christine Keeler and Douglas Thompson. The play by Gill Adams open on St Valentine's Day 2007 and runs from then, February 14th, to March 18th 2007, upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate Village, London N6.  The directors are Paul Nicholas and Alexander Holt. See the pictures to the left to see the actress playing Christine Keeler with Douglas Thompson.

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The actress playing Christine Keeler
Portrait by Stephen Ward


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