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O.J Simpson Interview -

They keep calling it the Trial of the Century but what it is a trial of today's values and the Superman ethos of truth, justice and the American Way .

Sadly, in the case of O. J. Simpson there are no supermen or superwomen. All involved are tarnished goods just like the society that is judging them. What is concerning is the assumption that Simpson is guilty of killing his wife and another man but will go free because of media pressure and his own celebrity.

There is this incredible notion that because no one -- other than a dog -- witnessed Simpson allegedly brutally murdering his wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman who was tragically in the wrong place at the very wrong time there is no case to answer.

But killers don't act in pubic, do they? As any follower of real life and fictional court room drama knows it is the evidence , even if it is circumstantial, which does or doesn't prove the case. Murder does not have to be witnessed to be proven. Well, that was the way it was. OJ. Simpson and the carnival around him have changed the rules. This is an altogether different take on 'LA. Law.'

In recent times we have seen severe sentences reduced and overturned in the British courts where people branded as guilty are now judged innocent. With OJ. Simpson it is the opposite. Without a confession there is no absolute certainty of his guilt but a straw poll of lawyers here indicates that if he was not who he is he we would already be waiting to hear the cyanide pellets popping in the gas chamber at San Quentin Penitentiary. 'It's terrible for me to admit,' a Los Angeles Superior Court judge told me before sighing:' It looks as if O. J. will buy his way out of this.'

But freedom will cost many millions of dollars and this sports hero turned television commentator and absurd if popular actor will be bankrupt? Not a bit of it. Plans are already in motion for OJ. to walk out of the grey brick downtown Los Angeles court-house and do a 'live' TV interview.

On camera he will tell his story on cable TV. Viewers will have to pay between $5 and $7.50 dollars each to watch as in a pay-per-view big boxing match or other major sporting event. Conservatively they say here that he will bank upwards of $10 million dollars.

This is the judicial Olympics taking place in ludicrous circumstances circled by streets driven by avarice, Porsches, Rolls-Royces and lawyers who still live and bill at mid -1980s' prices. The LA./ OJ. combination is a frightening game of surreal Scrabble. The winning words, of course, being Not Guilty.

This is a land of Oz and there may be mudslides and earthquakes and all the other plagues of a Sodom society but to the residents what overcomes all of it is if you are walking the yellow brick road of celebrity. Your face and name and clout and 'Q' rating -- how much advertisers will pay to promote their products on TV while you are on the air -- means everything.

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