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Michael Douglas has been a Hollywood brat and producer, a hippie and a television star, a sex symbol hunk and a serious Oscar winner, a hot property and a cool character, and he knows which persona her prefers: ‘I'm still a hippie at heart.'

Which he says makes it even harder tackling the toughest job he's had -- being a parent, father to a teenaged boy who is heir to a grand entertainment family dynasty and wants to be an actor. They are playing the always complex and fraught generation game.

Michael Douglas may be a closet hippie but he wears no flowers in his hair. His clothes are still hand-made, a mix of Savile Row and hand-tooled Western leather. His hair has been cut on Rodeo Drive and his teeth and tan and manicure are movie star perfect. He looks what he is -- rich, famous and successful.

He is also his father's son. Of Kirk Douglas' four sons it is Michael who has led with the dynasty's dimpled chin. He won an Oscar for producing ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' when he was 31. It was a proud moment not just because of the award but for the triumph of overtaking his father who had attempted and failed to turn the stage play into a film.

Douglas admits that even then his father -- ‘that f------ Spartacus' -- loomed over his life and career. Now, at 52, what demons he inherited with his Russian peasant genes, are, if not gone, calmed.

It's just as well. Michael Douglas has to be in control.He is having to cope with another batch of Douglas devilry. After all the years of being the son-of, the rebel, the young man who ran ‘The Streets of San Francisco' on and off television, thought ‘East of Eden' was an educational film, wore his hair and beard long and caroused with Jack Nicholson and rode motorbikes with Danny DeVito, enjoyed ‘Sixties London but turned down the chance to invest in an emerging rock band called ‘The Who, and had everything but cares he now seems to having nothing but.

And most of them, for the moment,. revolve around his tearaway son. Cameron Douglas has been the cement in his parents' trouble 18-year marriage which at present is in separation status. Mostly, he has been indulged and lived accordingly enjoying silver-spoon privilege.

Most recently he's had trouble with the police after speeding through the streets near his home in Santa Barbara . Other vehicles, it seemed, to in his way. Some of them were parked.

The antics are worrying his Spanish-born mother but his father says he understands:' It's all about growing up and Cameron is in that difficult age period. I can still remember how complicated these years were. My parents were divorced and that was hard to handle for me.'

‘Now Cameron has to deal with the separation of me and his mother. It's never easy for anyone. No matter how strong you are. Or think you are.'

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