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Jennifer Aniston Interview -

After a tiring time chasing the subject like a malevolent magnet Jennifer Aniston finally admits she wants to be bad.

The problem? She's simply no good at it.

‘I could get a tattoo, couldn't I?,' she asks flashing that ‘Friends' grin and trying but failing to mischievously roll her blue eyes.

‘I think tattoos are so sexy. Maybe I could get a symbol that means, like, life and love'.

Aniston's life -- and loves -- on and off screen are a running debate for the millions of ‘Friends' fans worldwide.

Thousands of them bombard her daily with letters, packages( usually lingerie) and e-mail offers of marriage and other endeavours only professionally bad girls could conjure or contemplate.

Aniston,28, who is at present filming the fourth series of her role as the lapsed Jewish princess Rachel Green, smiles and gushes past it all.

The girl can't help it. She's a nice girl.

Her auburn hair is longer than the landmark TV cut and spills vampishly over her right eye. There's a dash of crimson on her lips and her ivory summer dress reveals ample cleavage.

About to be seen in her first movie star role the actress who has been on a carousel of celebrity since ‘Friends' began in 1994 is desperate to play the part. Still, she's a contradiction, a coy seductress.

Aniston doesn't want to hide her dark secrets. Instead, she'd like to find some.

Nevertheless, she does have concerns -- about the box office curse on the television ‘Friends'.

For the stars of the the Channel 4 sitcom the big screen has been unfriendly. David Schwimmer's ‘The Pallbearer' died with audiences last year earning only $5.6 million in America . Matt LeBlanc's baseball farce ‘Ed' struckout at just $3.5 million.

Now, Aniston is carrying the romantic comedy ‘Picture Perfect' on her nicely tanned shoulders. Can she take her TV stardom to the big screen with her? ‘ Will this be another “Friends” flop? I don't know.

‘I think we have all these expectations behind us because we're on this show that became a phenomenon. And there's this interesting process of bringing everybody down, to make us into failures.

‘I don't know why everybody doesn't just let things happen without making any final judgments on careers or having any prejudices.

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