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Dudley Moore Interview -

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Forget the Bradys. Meet The Bizarre Bunch. This is aging sex thimble Dudley Moore and the family he is trying to turn into a happy one.

Following violent fights, constant rows, allegations of kinky sex and drug-taking the comedy star is trying to hold his fourth and most bizarre marriage together. He's got a tough job ahead of him although talk of divorce is over.

But Dudley is still trying for laughs. He joked that he plans to take his wife, the former Nicole Rothschild, her two children and their 18-month-old son on a round-the-world motorcycle trip to forget their troubles.

And their have been plenty since he first met Nicole, now 32, while he was driving his 1963 white Bentley (number plate ‘TNDRLY') along Hollywood's Sunset Strip more than a dozen years ago.

Dudley ,61, had an intense affair with the then teenaged student but after they separated they both married other partners. She had two children, Lauren,nine, and Christopher,eight, by musician Charles Cleveland. He married the statuesque actress Brogan Lane .

But the odd couple never forgot each other. Dudley was obsessed with his Californian girl and although they were both married they carried on passionate affair. Dudley even bought her new breasts -- at $5,000 each from a cosmetic surgeon -- to make her more ‘adorable'.

The strange affair has gone on from there and resulted in some intriguing domestic arrangements. After they both divorced they began living together -- along with Charles Cleveland who has AIDS.

Cleveland would act as ‘nanny' to his own children -- and be paid $75 by Dudley for his trouble. And when Dudley 's son Nicholas Anthony was born on June 28, 1995 , Cleveland was in the delivery room as the British star videotaped the birth.

More, it seemed, the merrier in the Moore household. But there had been many warning signs about his volatile relationship with Nicole.

The birth of their son stretched the tension. He had a difficult relationship with his son Patrick,20 -- ‘Patch' to his friends -- from his five-year marriage to American actress and ‘Sixties beauty and wild child Tuesday Weld. Following the divorce she moved to New York and he stayed in California . Trans-Continent parenting made communications with his son difficult. He still finds it a strain and a concern.

The second time around he was intent on being an on-the-spot father. And he had the support of Nicole -- and Cleveland who was a teenaged busker in Germany when he joined-up with the John Lee Hooker band before moving on solo to Motown and American concerts.

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