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Cybill Shepherd -

She's back. Again. Hollywood has pronounced Cybill Shepherd dead so often investment in the resurrection business might be wise.

Today she's very much alive wearing a wintry -- for California -- outfit of snug-fitting camel jacket over a dark brown polo-necked sweater and long skirt, matching boots and, as usual, her heart on her sleeve and a quip on her lip.

This is the lady who matches diamonds and emeralds with T-shirts and jeans and smart remarks with demure glances.

She's lived her life with the fickle abandon of a 21ST-century Scarlett O'Hara but at this moment Cybill Shepherd is more interested in Scott Fitzgerald's take on life than Margaret Mitchell's: ‘He said there are no second acts to American careers but I feel like this is my third act.'

Or is it fourth?

We're on the set of, appropriately, ‘Cybill' her new television series which is a runaway success in America and is now being seen in Britain on satellite. She used to bicycle from her Colonial-style two -story home across the Sepulveda Pass while she was making ‘Moonlighting' but now it's a flat run -- by limousine -- along Ventura Boulevard to the CBS TV buildings in Studio City .

You find her on Stage 15 -- at the junction of Gunsmoke Avenue and Newhart Street -- where she is the star and executive producer of what the television executives call ‘a bawdy adult comedy.'

Cybill Shepherd does good bawdy. And body.

It's on uplifting display on her hit TV series in which she's Cybill Sheridan, a fortysomething actress who is the single mother to two daughters ( Zoey Woodbine and Michelle Pfeiffer's sister Deedee) by different fathers.

The series, she smiles, is ‘loosely based on my own life.'

Indeed, she says it is the life she would have had if not for the worldwide success of the extravagantly delightful ‘Moonlighting'. Except she would have had ‘ a bunch of different kids by different men. Not just two.'

She went from home in Memphis , Tennessee , where she dated Elvis (‘It was mythic. He looked great. And he smelled great') to magazine covergirl to movie star in what seemed like a deep breath between 1968 and 1974. That included her turn as the icy cool blonde in Peter Bogdanovich's landmark 1971 film ‘The Last Picture Show.' Bogdanovich became her lover (it lasted seven years) and mentor ( he still is) and together they went on to make a series of films which flopped. She became a box office pariah. And then The Comeback Kid.

Along the way she married hometown boy David Ford and their daughter Clemintine is now 15. During the filming of ‘Moonlighting' she met the ‘other Bruce' -- to distinguish him from her co-star Bruce Willis -- the chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim and they have seven-year-old twins Ariel and Zachariah.

She's now living with her children and musician Robert Martin,46, ( the best sex I've ever had') who she met 18 months ago when he joined her cabaret singing tour. At 45, Cybill Shepherd has a lot happening in her life.

There's the children, the ex-husbands, the nannies, the boyfriend, the high profile careers ( acting and singing). It sounds like a television series. There is one sure fire comparison -- Cybill is the boss on and off screen: ‘I'm my own person. No one's trying to tell me what to do.'

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