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Bo Derek Interview -

You see it first from Monte Cielo -- ‘the mountain to heaven' -- and it sits so high up in the hills that the Mexican tiled-roof appears to be touching the clear Californian sky.This is horse country and you get here by driving forty five minutes on sweeping, curving roads to the north of Santa Barbara. Then, it's bouncing dirt tracks until you spot the arrow with a red heart tacked to a telephone pole pointing the way to the electronic security gates.

That's the only Tinseltown touch in the lifestyle of Bo and John Derek. They're Hollywood 's ‘Good Life' couple.

And it's a life that has kept Bo in good enough shape to once again grace the pages of ‘Playboy' magazine -- fifteen years after her debut she's December's main cover and stapled attraction in photographs taken by her husband.

Oh, the Dereks live lavishly but not at all in the way perception tells us glamour queens do. Or maybe should. Their Spanish hacienda is stunning and so is Bo Derek who bounces around bra-less in a white sweatshirt and faded working ranch jeans. She knows the other sort of genes were generous to her and says she still feels guilty about it. She is just about to turn 38 but for Hollywood and, clearly ‘Playboy' remains a ‘10'.

After that huge hit she more or less bowed out of mainstream Hollywood . Until now her life has been her home and her husband. Times change. Necessity has brought her back to the spotlight.

It was the money earned from that box office success -- she was paid a comparatively modest $35,000 in 1975 to be Dudley Moore's dream girl -- which helped make the downpayment on their lovingly nourished 26 acres in the Santa Ynez Valley.

The movie which made Moore a Hollywood star and self-confessed ‘sex-thimble' -- a reputation he has proved again and again -- also established Bo Derek. She has fond memories of Dudley and says of his latest run of sex revelations and fourth marriage: ' Nothing would surprise me about him. He's cheeky and fun and likes to have fun. Which is fine if no one gets hurt. I just hope Dudley and his ladies are OK.'

John and Bo Derek were living in an apartment in Marina Del Rey out on the west side of Los Angeles when Bo became a worldwide fantasy girl and not just the fascination of cinema audiences but of every producer with even minimal eyesight

‘John really saw the necessity to get out right away and have a place. We didn't have the money but with the few dollars we had we made a down payment and thought we'd worry about it later. It's been my sanity this life.

‘And it's not just the ranch and the animals ( 27 horses, cats, dogs and parrots) but being with real people who have nothing to do with the film business. We're involved with the community -- if someone is in trouble or has problems everybody tries to help. We're more social than I ever believed we'd be.

‘Now there's a big invasion of film people up here. I don't like it because they don't leave their business down in Hollywood . We'll be sitting around having lunch with friends and someone who's in the business will come in and they can't talk about anything except how much money they just turned down, how much they're worth, how much the picture made and,oh, it's so boring...'

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